A ‘No’ and a ‘Fear’

Um, it’s been a very long time since I posted anything on my blog. It’s all because of the sudden turn of things in my life.

First of all, I’m advised by my blog readers (who are basically my friends and cousins) not to post anything sad and melancholic on my site and if I wished to do so still, I was asked to quit blogging.

This ain’t the exact reason for my temporary disappearance though. But, before I go into my advising part, let me first convey this – I write when I’m sad. My stories have a happy ending or a sad one depending on my mood and my take of life. But, in the most cases, my sad times motivate me to write on a sadder note and that’s why my previous short stories are a bit gloomy.

When happy times intersect my life, I’m too overjoyed to pen down something. So, I ultimately lose the momentum. But, it’s not so in the recent times for me. My sadness has forced me to stay idle ‘wantonly’.

And, this is the time, realization has dawned on me, that all the pain is due to ‘REJECTION’ and ‘FEAR’ – It’s more of like I analyzed with my own algorithms, stats and data points, just kidding! 😉

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Chennai – towards Destruction

Didn’t all our teachers make us recite the rhyme “Rain, rain go away, come again another day” a too many times?

But, how many of us have really wanted the rain to go away?

Not me, definitely!

Rains bring in holidays, along with hot vadais, pav-bhaaji, pakodas and goody cups of hot drinks.

Didn’t we all love our rains?

There’s no denial there.

But, now, alas! My place is sinking!

Chennai is in red alert. Rain’s bashing every doorstep. There are raging cyclones around the city.

There are tumbling buildings, crumbling rooftops, swift flowing rivers across the roads.. It’s a poor sight everywhere.

There are people who are stranded without homes, all their habitats are submerged under water.

It seems that Chennai has set a world record of raining continuously for 34 hours!!!

Good gracious!

The water levels have rose to about 5-6 feet from the ground. All the ground floor occupants are being evacuated by boats operated by taxi services.

There are residential volunteers and policemen helping people move to safer places.

Yet, there are losses of all types – lives, belongings, shelter, food.

Literally Chennai is in shambles.

There are no ways in and out of it.

Flights have been cancelled and trains have stopped their services, drainage system has broken and all modes of transport has literally found no way out.

Network connection is poor. The mobile towers have been battered.

Yea, it’s raining cats and dogs and even those poor creatures are finding it difficult to swim through.

If any of your friends or relatives or any known ones are staying in Chennai, please contact them and ask about their whereabouts. There are helpline numbers everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

There are places where food is being offered by the unaffected residents and they are even providing accommodation for those stranded.

While I’m typing all these, I’m almost in tears as I don’t know the whereabouts of my friends. Their mobile signals are lost. The news flashes talk about the places where they dwell in. It’s disheartening to know that the capital city of TamilNadu itself is lacking too many services, infrastructure, emergency requirements and rehabilitation.

Everyone is trying to contribute their aid for those who are in need.

Let all our prayers be with them.

One point is proved.

No one can go against nature, not even technology.

Are tears dirty?

Very often, people call a few, ‘Cry babies’ if such people tend to break down for anything and everything.
‘Faint Hearted’ – isn’t that the name we brand them with?
But, have we at any time tried to step into the shoes of such persons?
Do we know the circumstances that they dwell with?
Have we investigated further the reason for their melancholic behaviour?


We know not the pain they get inflicted with..
We know not their noiseless crying in bathrooms..
We know not their sleepless nights..
We know not their hurt caused by every word someone utters..
We know not their feelings of longing for some support..

Yet, have we shed tears with them? No!
Have we shared their pain? No!
Have we left them alone when needed? No!

Then what did we do?
Ha! Simple!

Isn’t that something everyone is damn good at boasting about?

Remember it’s always ‘Better said than done’.

Just don’t go about guiding them to ignore and avoid any negativity. Because, they need to face it, overcome it, not evade it. So, play a part in their life. Step into their shoes. Feel the pain and guilt they fight with everyday. Get to know their inferiority complexes better.
Last but not the least, don’t let them face their fears alone.
Or if you’re afraid so, then just leave them alone and halt criticisms.
Don’t ask them to change. Help them change.
If tears are meant to be dirty, then don’t forget, one day you might face their stressful complicated situations or if you have already, then don’t forget your past.

Tears aren’t dirty..
They’re a way of letting out their frustration..
But, it may also mean their hopelessness and weaknesses..

My tears,
My noiseless bathroom howls,
My countless sleepless nights,
My head bangs,
My hurting myself..

If you could substitute ‘His/Her’, with ‘My’, then this world wouldn’t be unkindly towards such innocent souls..
After all their tears direct them to show love towards you..
Otherwise, their steely nature would burn you to ashes..

Tears aren’t dirty, after all..


The Man behind every DREAM

My whole nation is mourning now!

I guess, after the ‘Father of my nation’ –  Mahatma Gandhi‘s death that shook the entire country, it’s this person’s eternal journey that’s evoking tears and emotions on a humongous scale.

News channels, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter broadcast – ‘Ex-President of India passed away’.

But, here I’m, to say to this world that he was more than an Ex-President to me, to many others.

Six years back, when I was in my 7th grade, I was denied a Junior Journalist job in a linguistic magazine. I reapplied for it the next year and due to certain personal reasons I couldn’t make it to the interview. (They conduct the interview only once in a year).

The third year, determined to acquire the post, I entered a room full of students, resolute like me.

We had a few rounds before the final interview with the senior Reporters.

I was called in soon and since we were full-time school students with no expertise knowledge about formal interviews, it turned out to be pretty much ‘Talk-about-yourself’ stuff and a few ‘What-would-you-do-as-a-reporter?’ questions.

One last question was fired at each candidate.

“Which celebrity would you like to interview first, when you turn a Journalist?”

A few kids expressed their wishes to meet actors and actresses, while a few others quoted novelists’ names.

My interviewer asked this question and observed me blatantly.

But, without any after-thought, I replied, “Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,” immediately.

“Why so?” was his next question.

“Because, he’s the man behind every dream!” – was all I said.

The smile that curved around my interviewer’s lips guaranteed me that I had impressed him for the job.

But,  I was only too happy to have spoken the truth…

And then, a few more competitions in school, wherein I spoke about Dr. Kalam’s achievements and his book ‘Wings of Fire,’ and won accolades.

To say, I’ve more of like a personal connection to him. Though I haven’t met him even once, his words ring through my ears every time I’m depressed or am hopeless regarding my dreams.

I even have a quote pasted next to my mirror.

He says, “You’re entering a challenging world, with mind full of dreams. All your dreams and visions will come true only after the struggle.”

The word ‘struggle‘ inspires a lot of courage in me. I hope, it does to everyone!

The Central Government of my country announced a holiday for all the schools and colleges across the length and breadth of the nation. However, my college is functioning despite all this grief. But, I bunked my classes and here I’m, paying tribute to that one man, who is more of a Father to me..

After all, he only stated, “Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because, now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do!” 😉

To Mr. Kalam,

Sir, YOU have been a great source of inspiration to many of us who dare to pursue our dreams. YOU have been the most influential person in every student’s life. YOU have been a… 😦

I want to replace all the ‘HAVE BEEN’s by ‘ARE’s..

But, I can use ‘ARE’ only in this context now – “You ARE no more” 😦

A friend of mine has a status on Whatsapp, “You are not dead, You will NEVER be DEAD.. You LIVE.. through US..

This is an example of the generation that YOU created through YOUR speech and work and life.

I can hear the outcry of people on your demise, Sir – “The end of an era.” 

But, we’ll live the era you created and take it as a blessing in disguise!

Sir! We assure you! We’ll make your dream ‘India 2020’ come real..

Long live your fame!



To honor this coveted person, I drew a portrait of him..



A nice, meaningful story about Hatred! Read it and ponder over it..

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“True love is not loving a perfect person but it is loving an Imperfect person Perfectly”

Today i met a person , he told me some worst things that his family member did to him, then i met my friend and i just told him what that person told me and i came to know that he told my friend the same. This made me bit worried that why is that person telling his story, that we don’t know is true or not, to every person.

May be for Sympathy ???

May be for spreading bad rumors ???

Or May be , who Knows ??? karma

Later i have forgotten it, but i came to know a story. I hope its going to help you as it did to me and you will learn from it.

One day A kindergarten teacher decided to let her class play a game.

The teacher…

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Life before death

A few days ago, my parents went to attend a funeral of our neighbour’s father.
I’ve met the deceased person only a few times when I was young and full of life. When I became resolute never to play like a kid with the other neighbor friends, I lost touch with that grandpa.
He was 90 years old, that’s what I heard mom say.
Then, she exclaimed out of the blue, “Do we now remember the good things he did or the bad ones?” Continue reading