All in that ‘One’

Two eternities fuse together,

In those four sparkling eyes.


Two ‘forever’s’ unite,

In those two clasped hands.


Two souls become one,

In those four kicking arms and legs.


Twosome’s alternative sleep patterns benefit,

In those long drooling 4 a.m. kid’s sleep.

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Be mine forever

I wish nights never happen,

I wish salty water don’t drench me,

I wish my skinny layers don’t dampen.


I know not, what has inflicted you,

But, please don’t hurt me by squeezing,

Or by those hard punches in queue.


I hate the way you coerce your face on mine,

Where are those soft caresses you once had for me?

Those moments were just so damn fine.


You loved holding me dearly when you sleep.

But, these days you literally throw me away,

You use me to bang your head on so deep.


You said I comfort you, you bluffer! You lied!

You tried to use me to squeeze the breath out of you!

Oh! How stupid I’ve been to have silently complied!


Oh! I wish you’d place on mine, your cheeks softly,

I wish nights crept in with utmost glee for you,

Oh!  I wish to give you the same sleep you once dozed into swiftly.


Yours ever-bearing-your-tears,



My Song.. My life..

I went all song-savvy today.. My swaying emotions complemented the effect. So, I penned down these lyrics and I do have NO hope that they can be sung or fit into a tune.. But,they’ll remain my silent song of my heart.. Hope you like it..

“Don’t say nothing bothered you,
Don’t say I never hurt you.
I know the pain deep inside,
How crappy everything feels.

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These days…

These days,
Sunlight rays,
Star gaze,
Milky ways,
Dynamic waves,
Life base,
Flower vase,
Court case,
Love daze,
Liar face,
Time and haste,
Shoe lace,
Pythagoras maze,
Turtle pace,
Rabbit race,
All have no ways,
To make my life taste..