All in that ‘One’

Two eternities fuse together,

In those four sparkling eyes.


Two ‘forever’s’ unite,

In those two clasped hands.


Two souls become one,

In those four kicking arms and legs.


Twosome’s alternative sleep patterns benefit,

In those long drooling 4 a.m. kid’s sleep.

One’s nutritious diet and the other’s cricket game, shows,

In the aftermath of hale and healthy body stamina.


Two’s home tuition portrays,

In those tri-semester’s excellent grades.


Two Sacrifices gain meaning,

In that one college degree.


Two hearts turn ecstatic,

In those ‘proud-to-be-your-parent’ moment.


Two couples form,

In that nuptial ceremony.


The former couple’s two minds gain serenity,

In those witnessing moments of the grand-kid being born.


Those two minds feel they’ve felt the true meaning of life,

In that short-lived death bed.


The two have attained eternal serenity,

In that long sojourn, the so called ‘Death’.


Right from the Two’s eyes becoming one,

It has always remained as one,

In those long, weary nights of missing each other,

In those long, romancing nights of holding each other,

In those long, cumbersome nights of pregnancy pain,

In those long, endearing nights of rearing the child,

In those long, late-night studies along with the kid,

In those long, waiting-for-the-kid-to-be-independent nights,

In those long, adding-a-new-member-to-the-family-discussion nights,

In those long, awaiting nights of the grand-kid,

In those long, I’m-ready-to-depart-the-world nights.


So, all this while, it’s not ‘Two’,

It’s ‘The One’ that holds us all in this world.







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