About me

Hey there!!!!!
This is Tara.. πŸ™‚

There’s nothing exotic about me though there exists certain traits that relentlessly pursue to distinguish me from other Homo sapiens…

I am basically a short story writer and a poet (And I love to call myself a ‘SOLITUDE POET’ as my poems mostly connect to my inner self), a freelancer and good at pencil sketching.

I’m a voracious reader of thriller genre, always hooked with an Agatha Christie novel or one of Michael Connelly’s works. But lately I’ve developed an interest for romantic novels by Indian authors that touch the sensitive subjects on a light note with better clarity.

I love blogging!πŸ’œ

Writing helps in destressing and my words are a form a communication of my thoughts.

As long as the words don’t exhaust, I’ll survive!! πŸ™‚

Lately, there’s been more self-evaluation on my part, which helped me realize I’m a long way off to score my dreams and that I should try to be a better human every day than I was the previous day. Circumstances have carved a niche for myself to be an empathetic yet bold woman, with the defending weapons of thoughts and words, that help one shape life in the right way.

Also, embrace yourself!

For those who have limited time to read a short story fully, here are myΒ ‘Mini Tell-Tales’ that brags about stories in a few words. Micro tales – yeah, that’s what they’re!

Hope my writings find a way to connect with you and I do hope you will enjoy reading them. I’d be glad if that’s true!

Umm, so I guess, you might like to invade my pages often, to know what quirky thoughts have been playing in my mind..

So, catch ya with ma latest posts!

With loads of love,
Tara πŸ˜‰


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