Home, sweet home

Hello all! This is Tara again! 🙂

First of all, I’d like to extend a gratuitous welcome to ‘MAY’ (And this special invitation is because I don’t want a scorching summer in Chennai 😉 )


So, yeah, May! please be nice or rather pleasant! 😛

Now, moving onto a personal note, I got a ‘chance‘ to stay away from home for two months (March-April). Ya, I’d like to call it a chance, since I treated it as an opportunity to know Chennai and get exposed to its people. Though, this decision wasn’t taken by me exactly.

The reason for which I vacated home still stands outstanding and that’s the only disappointment that would remain a scar when I reminisce my past. Never mind! However, I’d like to thank those who took this decision to stay away from home on my behalf.

No! I don’t intend to be sarcastic!

In fact, it’s because of them, I got a perfect experience as to how people wear different faces.. AH! I remember those lines from Gabriel Okara’s poem – ‘Once upon a time’ that I read recently:

“So I have learned many things, son.
I have learned to wear many faces
like dresses – home-face,
office-face, street-face, host-face,
cocktail-face, with all their conforming smiles
like a fixed portrait smile.”

Exactly! This is what is happening around us daily!

People care for you nonetheless like your Mom. But, in fact it’s only to get some favors done from you.

Anyway, these two months are filled with unforgettable memories that won’t fade over time and I got to meet a few good-at-heart people and even a few had heart-touching sad background stories.

Due to all such exposure, I’ve spent my sleepless nights (that I stayed away from home) self-analyzing, on how to improve from being a sloppy person to a well-matured and well-organised-in-thoughts human.

I discovered too many startling truths about why people chose to be close with me and then I regretted every sorry that I uttered to them.


If you utter too many ‘SORRY’ and people don’t take them, it’s high time you left them alone. I applied them to my life and I stopped disturbing the ones with whom I felt close with, when I realized that I’m just a nuisance to them. No messages, no calls, no meetings! It’s better to stay-out from their lives (if you really feel you’re pestering them, of course!) and give them some peace. 😉

On my previous post on ‘Life before Death‘ I got a mail from my cousin from the States, which set me thinking.

She listed a few points that I felt I should spread the word around.

  • Never ever accept decisions taken on behalf of you! Later, you will be made accountable for it. Face the consequences either favorable or not, you will be convinced, at least you made the decision & face it with full force & compassion.
  • Never ever believe all success is because of YOU, surrender completely to God, HE is the only path finder & creator of YOU & your Life.
  • Never ever get favored by anyone in life except parents, siblings or someone who is a real well wisher of you, as for sure, in life later, you will be told you are a person of convenience to get favors which you would understand or realize only at that moment.
  • Never ever favor someone who is not actually looking for it.  (My favourite point! 💜)
  • Never ever spend time uselessly, each minute counts, as you do not know the expiry date tagged to your life. These days all products looked at, by humans, have expiry dates except for his/her own life!

To read all these points after my stay-away, helped me realize that I’ve come across all such situations that emboldened me. I’ve got a great inner connection to whatever she mailed me and I planned to apply them right from the MOMENT I read them!

Too many regrets and too many unnecessary guilty consciences have plundered my sleep and pushed me to limit myself with someone just like some have done to me. Even more, all these thoughts have made me renovate my ‘About‘ page. Be sure to check it out now! 😀

But, I guess coming home now would enliven my spirit (that was dead for the past two months) and move back to my original self, but, with better clarity and perfection this time.

Hope this scorching sun and some untiring mistrust would end this May! 😉

Wanna have a blissful summer and a pleasant mind, when June stops by!

So long! I’m gonna enjoy staying at home while the rest of you are gonna pack your back-packs and set out on a travelling trip with your family and friends..

Wishing ‘Happy travelling’,

Tara. 🙂

P.S. Check out my cousin’s blog too – ‘Life is precious love‘. She’s got some pretty good stuff unlike me! 😛



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