A nice, meaningful story about Hatred! Read it and ponder over it..

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“True love is not loving a perfect person but it is loving an Imperfect person Perfectly”

Today i met a person , he told me some worst things that his family member did to him, then i met my friend and i just told him what that person told me and i came to know that he told my friend the same. This made me bit worried that why is that person telling his story, that we don’t know is true or not, to every person.

May be for Sympathy ???

May be for spreading bad rumors ???

Or May be , who Knows ??? karma

Later i have forgotten it, but i came to know a story. I hope its going to help you as it did to me and you will learn from it.

One day A kindergarten teacher decided to let her class play a game.

The teacher…

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