Are tears dirty?

Very often, people call a few, ‘Cry babies’ if such people tend to break down for anything and everything.
‘Faint Hearted’ – isn’t that the name we brand them with?
But, have we at any time tried to step into the shoes of such persons?
Do we know the circumstances that they dwell with?
Have we investigated further the reason for their melancholic behaviour?


We know not the pain they get inflicted with..
We know not their noiseless crying in bathrooms..
We know not their sleepless nights..
We know not their hurt caused by every word someone utters..
We know not their feelings of longing for some support..

Yet, have we shed tears with them? No!
Have we shared their pain? No!
Have we left them alone when needed? No!

Then what did we do?
Ha! Simple!

Isn’t that something everyone is damn good at boasting about?

Remember it’s always ‘Better said than done’.

Just don’t go about guiding them to ignore and avoid any negativity. Because, they need to face it, overcome it, not evade it. So, play a part in their life. Step into their shoes. Feel the pain and guilt they fight with everyday. Get to know their inferiority complexes better.
Last but not the least, don’t let them face their fears alone.
Or if you’re afraid so, then just leave them alone and halt criticisms.
Don’t ask them to change. Help them change.
If tears are meant to be dirty, then don’t forget, one day you might face their stressful complicated situations or if you have already, then don’t forget your past.

Tears aren’t dirty..
They’re a way of letting out their frustration..
But, it may also mean their hopelessness and weaknesses..

My tears,
My noiseless bathroom howls,
My countless sleepless nights,
My head bangs,
My hurting myself..

If you could substitute ‘His/Her’, with ‘My’, then this world wouldn’t be unkindly towards such innocent souls..
After all their tears direct them to show love towards you..
Otherwise, their steely nature would burn you to ashes..

Tears aren’t dirty, after all..



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