Chennai – towards Destruction

Didn’t all our teachers make us recite the rhyme “Rain, rain go away, come again another day” a too many times?

But, how many of us have really wanted the rain to go away?

Not me, definitely!

Rains bring in holidays, along with hot vadais, pav-bhaaji, pakodas and goody cups of hot drinks.

Didn’t we all love our rains?

There’s no denial there.

But, now, alas! My place is sinking!

Chennai is in red alert. Rain’s bashing every doorstep. There are raging cyclones around the city.

There are tumbling buildings, crumbling rooftops, swift flowing rivers across the roads.. It’s a poor sight everywhere.

There are people who are stranded without homes, all their habitats are submerged under water.

It seems that Chennai has set a world record of raining continuously for 34 hours!!!

Good gracious!

The water levels have rose to about 5-6 feet from the ground. All the ground floor occupants are being evacuated by boats operated by taxi services.

There are residential volunteers and policemen helping people move to safer places.

Yet, there are losses of all types – lives, belongings, shelter, food.

Literally Chennai is in shambles.

There are no ways in and out of it.

Flights have been cancelled and trains have stopped their services, drainage system has broken and all modes of transport has literally found no way out.

Network connection is poor. The mobile towers have been battered.

Yea, it’s raining cats and dogs and even those poor creatures are finding it difficult to swim through.

If any of your friends or relatives or any known ones are staying in Chennai, please contact them and ask about their whereabouts. There are helpline numbers everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

There are places where food is being offered by the unaffected residents and they are even providing accommodation for those stranded.

While I’m typing all these, I’m almost in tears as I don’t know the whereabouts of my friends. Their mobile signals are lost. The news flashes talk about the places where they dwell in. It’s disheartening to know that the capital city of TamilNadu itself is lacking too many services, infrastructure, emergency requirements and rehabilitation.

Everyone is trying to contribute their aid for those who are in need.

Let all our prayers be with them.

One point is proved.

No one can go against nature, not even technology.


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