Life before death

A few days ago, my parents went to attend a funeral of our neighbour’s father.
I’ve met the deceased person only a few times when I was young and full of life. When I became resolute never to play like a kid with the other neighbor friends, I lost touch with that grandpa.
He was 90 years old, that’s what I heard mom say.
Then, she exclaimed out of the blue, “Do we now remember the good things he did or the bad ones?”
I agree! That grandpa was gruff in his own ways. But he was a respected man in the Society. He was ranked the top most officials of RBI and retired with dignity.
Now, my mom’s question set me thinking.
‘A man is always remembered by his deeds,’ – isn’t this what people say?
So, I spent some time in self-speculation and came to a number of conclusions as to how to live my life. People must say, “She has lived a full and happy life,” after I die.
So, in the journey of life between this birth and death ought to treaded with care.
• Never ever love someone too much. It hurts!
• Never ever try to amass more wealth. You can’t take it with you when you die!
• Never ever have too many friends unless you can count on them. If not, you get deceived!

These 3 points were the ones that I felt were prima facie.

However if I ask each one of you this question, ‘How do you wanna live life before you die?’ what would your answer be?

‘All these days,
I thought you belonged
To me..
But, did u say
I was ‘one’ of your
Belongings only?’
P.S. Sry juz a random poem to bring a melancholy feel..😁



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