One dream, two buttress

“Teju, concentrate!” I kept ordering myself.


Little tiny butterflies kept fluttering inside my tummy.

A sudden vibration feeling kept tugging at me now and then. The table in front of me was strewn with notes, files, models, blue-prints and what-not.

My table was hidden in a well-cosy spot.

“So, this type of an elevation will keep out the dark shadows and give us the ample sunshine required for this part of the floor..” I went practicing the same sentence again for the umpteenth time, in front of the model, intricately designed by me.

His presence at the next table gave me Goosebumps.

I stole a glance at him.

His head was bent. Books? Smartphone! Most probably!

He had a manly stature. A neatly-trimmed stubble, razor sharp eyes..

He must be having a girlfriend by now. Smart looks and those bloody bear-any-pain-for-you eyes must’ve been the top notch in attracting a woman’s attention in its entirety.

He caught me staring at him and I quickly retraced to the book in front.

“So, this type of an elevation will keep out..”

“Keep out me, huh, Missy?” His voice echoed through my ears and I halted.

I grinned sheepishly.

“Meow!” my kitten purred softly as it encountered a sudden jolt.

He shut close his mobile and began striding towards me.

My spine turned cold, my fingers froze over the line on the page and my eyes closed reflexively.

“No, don’t! Just stay away!” I whispered.

Once again, I jerked a bit.

“Huh?” He asked when he stopped next to my chair.

I raised my head and the sunlight that seeped through the window lit my face.

“Not done with that line yet?” he asked with a short laugh, tossing his head, caressing my cheeks.

“Duh! No!” I said, frustratingly pushing my book on the table. However, I held my pen between my fingers and kept twisting it.

“Your eyes are a beauty in the sunshine,” he spoke.

His fingers traced the pen’s outline and halted next to my fingers that held it.

The world around me turned mute.

The noise of the children playing around vanished.

The sound of my kitten purring next to me disappeared.

The salty smell of the sea turned breezy.

“I guess you do need some rest,” he spoke.

I guess I need you to stay away while I study.

The next halt was at the nape.

“Will you please stop it Mr. Nosy-Poker?”

“Should I?”

I slapped his hand and he withdrew.

With an air of indignation, I collected my books and stood up.

“How about a cup of coffee?” he shouted from behind.

“Not interested, Flirto!” I cooed back.

I found another table and that was well-hidden too.

I flipped a few pages and started rattling off a new line.

“I never knew this was a place to study,” he now pulled a chair and rested his arms on it.

Oh God! What a manly step!

I groaned.

He’s completely distracting you. Just focus.

After a brief period, during which he noticed every feature of mine, “Excuse me?”

I smiled.

“Ah! Just that! Wanted to see just that!” he said, snapping his fingers, “Now, I’ll surely excuse myself.”

With that, he turned to return to his table, but I caught his hand mid-air.

“Ahem!” he cleared his throat.

I looked around and knew we wouldn’t be easily spotted.

“Now, Honey, don’t be a spoilsport. Finish what you wanted to do,” I said, placing his hand over my shoulder.

He grinned.

I closed my eyes.

He pressed my aching neck, drawing tiny circles in between.

“Oye!” I hit his hand fondly.

He laughed and I hid my smile.

He smacked my cheek saying, “Let that smile out. You’ve been pressurising yourself.”

I let out a sigh and his massage intensified.

He just knew what I required every second.

I grabbed his hand and he held mine in his.

“Look, this is gonna turn out to be okay. Trust me,” was all he said.

It eased my mind entirely.

Just then, my three year old son ran towards us.

“Papa, what are you doing?” he asked him.

“Playing with his girlfriend!” I teased.

“And you, Mama?” he asked innocently.

I let go of my husband’s hand and pulled my kid onto my lap, replying, “Mama is gonna take a break from practicing for her interview, by kissing her child and spending time with him.”

His soft giggles meant so much to me.

“Nah! Momma had enough break with her hubby, it’s time we give her some me-time,” my husband said, scooping my tiny tot in his strong arms that supports me during my tiring times.

He and my son kissed my forehead and my cheek simultaneously. They both keep me dreaming. The two pillars of my support, make me live my dreams, even if it involves shifting at random times.

Soon, they both left me in the cosy, lonely corner of the deck, with the ship rocking to and fro as I embark on my Mediterranean cruise with mind full of dreams to set up my own interior designing firm, to remodel someone’s room and my life..



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