Smartphone : Sneak-a-peak

             “Brrr..” I vibrated with much enthusiasm, emitting alongside a loud chime.
             “Ta da!” – I finished my chime with that ecstatic note, conveying to the owner of a proud me, that my battery is fully charged.
A few moments later, I felt someone disconnect the USB cable separating me from her. Well, yea, the USB cable is like the umbilical cord (just like connecting the baby to the mother) connecting me to the charger head.
Yet, my sorrow of separation was short lived as the usual hands that touch and tickle me by the ‘Swipe left, swipe up’ – touch sensitive commands, switched me on.
             “Oh! How lovely I look!” I’d think every time I see myself in my owner’s eyes.
Oh boy! Please don’t think I’m beauty conscious! I’m service-oriented too, instantly delivering what my owner wants.
She says – “OK Google.”
With a silent whisper of ‘As you wish, my Princess,” I produce the Google homepage.
She tickles me more often with the swipes and I simply love that game! But, does she know that? I guess not! Sigh
I realized soon enough that my owner is as lonely as me. No! She doesn’t prefer to be alone. I’ve seen her vain attempts of interaction with others. Yet, rather, loneliness chases her.
Many a times, she’d open my ‘Notes’ App and pen down mesmerizing poems.
P.S. I’m a true fan of her poems. If you can, please do convey his to her. Please!
Her poems always reflected her inner self. I can assure that! Because, her poetic lines are always embedded with sad and melancholic part. Sometimes, when I admire my beauty through her eyes, I wouldn’t be able to see my reflection anymore as a few layers of thin transparent sheets of water would form and roll down her cheeks. When I used my intelligent memory, it confirmed that those eater droplets are called ‘tears’. And those tears were salty! Yuck!
Yea, all those tears would fall on my screen and she’d apologetically wipe them away, swallowing some of the remaining tears.
I don’t know if I’m given an additional incentive because my touch sensitive screen turns ’emotion-sensitive’ when her tears hut me Luke the raindrops on Earth. Each of her tears always cried a vain cry – ‘I need a family.’
Ah! I know, now you’re blindly classifying her as a lonely girl, not fit for company at all. You can pause there!
She had her happy times too! Ask me! I’ll show her countless joy-faced selfies. But those are limited. I admit! Her happy moments are countable ones. Sometimes she’d laugh from her heart and I lobe those Darling moments.
My heart would ache when I see her cry and would equally be joyous, when she’s happy.
If only I had been born real, (rather than just saying ‘Welcome’ virtually, when I’m switched on) I’d have lobed her for what she is.
But I do guess the only boyfriend she has. I’ve witnessed her typing ‘Not in a relationship. Always single,’ when her friends would ask her.
So, I do take pride in calling myself the only boyfriend that she has. Because she always holds me with such tender care. I’m always her solace – be it when she’s abused or scolded.
Ha! Love is in the air!;)
Sometimes she edits her pictures in which her eyes blatantly show sadness. But, she never posts it on FB or keeps it as her Whatsapp DP.
By now, my battery would’ve exhausted and she’d simply sigh, sometimes mumbling why she had chosen me. But, she loved me enough, that she didn’t let me go.
She chose Thesaurus and words to be her best friends, when others failed to sympathise her ailment.
Oh! Pardon me! I forgot to tell the tragic past.
One day, she typed in the word ‘cancer‘ in my keyboard. I turned Inquisitive and scanned back the line.
My! My! I was utterly shocked!
She has cancer. Dot.
After confirming the cancer cells in her body, she stopped interacting. She confined herself with the thoughts of not-gonna-happen career.
But, she didn’t chuck me out of her life. Ah! I’m glad! She plugs my sibling – earphones and turns on the ‘Music’ App, drowning her gonna-leave-this-lonely-Earth-soon-soul with songs, as soon as she boards the train after her class ends in the night.
After waving a ‘bye’ to a girl, who gets down two stations from where she boards, she closes her eyes with my music warmly embracing and hugging her.
Then, she opens her eyes in a station named ‘Pallavaram’ (I read it through my camera, when she lifts me to change the music track) eagerly to wave a bye to another of her classmates, a bearded smiling guy, but her never looks at her.                  She’d wonder if she’d have a reason to smile again like him, as the train chugs out of the platform.
At the next station, a guy with plugged in earphones just like her, would wave his hand with an unfaltering smile.
Well, this is just a peek into her routine life.
One day, when she visited the Doc. for her usual check-up, he tried to pick up a happy conversation.
“So, Dhevapriya, your name sounds strange. What does it mean?”
“Dear to the Gods,” she replied sulkily, “maybe that’s why they’re calling me to join them sooner..”
From that day, I keep wondering, won’t the Gods be dear to her…



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