Danger unleashed!

‘I wanted to pen down a racy prologue for my novel, which kept people on the edge of their seats, glued to the book.

I had free time in the office now. But, due to writer’s block (pardon my excuse) I wasn’t able to write one based on my novel’s theme. The bunch of blank sheets I had, had exhausted long-back. The trashcan was now overflowing with crumpled papers.

“Aaarrrggghhh!” I got frustrated.

 “Teju!” – My writing process was interrupted when the peon conveyed that the boss summoned my presence. Quickly, I removed a few files from the table and marched to the boss’s room.

When I came out, I was only burdened with additional work and I cursed myself when I succumbed to finish the extra work before I leave.

With no time to spare for writing, I hurried to complete the other tasks and rush home before the darkness reigns in.

“Gosh! It’s too late!” I mumbled to myself, later.

My watch ticked 09:37 p.m. when I eventually completed all the day’s work. The floor where I worked was completely vacated by then.

Dead-beat, I laid my head on the table to rest for a few minutes. After a few closed-eyes moments, I could sense that someone was standing right behind me and I stood up startled, only to realize that the whole floor was dark and that someone had switched off all the lights.

I opened my mouth to scream, but, before that, the person behind me, pushed away my rolling chair, gagged me and held my hands at the back, securely.

“Ssshhh,” my unknown rival ordered.

I still struggled to free myself from his clutch, when he moved closer to me, hugged me from the back with his other hand and rested his head on my right shoulder.

I began freaking out. ‘Rape’ was the only word that my mind kept chanting.

I tried kicking him but it was useless as he pulled my chair back, sat down, pulling me down along with him and wound his legs around me. I was like a baby, held by her father from escaping.

Black-pointed shoes – I made a mental note of his shoes in case after he raped, I had to testify to the police for any hints.

This very thought clogged my throat and I found it difficult to breathe. So, I hyperventilated.

“Slow and easy!” my strangler spoke casually and he sounded familiar.

I racked my brain, trying to figure him out, when he spoke again, “Hand over those files to me and I’ll leave you.”

I must’ve known it!

From the minute those files came into my possession, I was warned of danger.

I shook my head frantically now.

He tightened his grip on me and I suffocated.

“Will you or not?” he shouted into my left ear gruffly and I turned my head sideways, away from him.

When I didn’t respond, he caressed my face and I struggled hard to break free. But, he held my face stiffly and wiped away the tears gently that rolled down my cheeks.

“No baby!” he said hugging me closer to him again, “I don’t want you to cry. Just lead me to those files and I’ll set you free.” He then kissed my cheek.

I had enough of his demonstration of what he’d do to me if I didn’t show him the files, so I nodded my head many times, indicating I’d hand it over to him.

“Good,” he said and pushed me to a standing position and he got up too.

“Don’t bother screaming,” he said while removing the gag, “the watchman’s seduced by drugs. None is there to save you.”

I breathed in slowly once I was free to speak.

“Quick, tell me where those files are?” he persisted.

“I.. I.. left it in my locker in the boss’s room,” I stuttered.

“Move,” he poked into my ribs and I walked to that room, with him following. I furiously planned in my head what to do next. I had no guarantee that this mongrel would leave me alone after he got the possession of the files. His constant body touch on me told me enough that he wanted me badly.

I walked slowly and pulled out a bunch of keys from my boss’s table.

“Which locker?” he asked impatiently.

I pointed particularly at one in the farthest corner of the room. I wanted him to go, retrieve the files so that I could lock him inside.

“Pull the files out,” he ordered me.

“Screwed!” I thought, when my Plan A failed.

I walked to that locker, fit in the right key and pulled out a few files. God alone knew what files those were! However, when I acted to open and check the first file, out of curiosity, he neared to check too.

That was my moment!

I gave a heavy blow on his head with the big writing board, which the files hid beneath it and sent him into a trance.

Before he could realize what was happening, I rushed out, locked the room from outside, picked up my handbag from my cubicle and was down the staircase.

As I exited the office building, I saw the watchman doped and soon, I heard the sound of glass smashing from my floor. I only had less time before the rogue exited the building.

As I raced through the streets late in the night, my mind kept racing back to the intruder. He was familiar, yet I couldn’t fit him anywhere.

I hailed an auto to the railway station to reach home.

On my way home, I found out that my phone’s battery was dead and I had no help. That’s when I sensed the driver driving in the wrong direction, away from the station.

Alarmed, I asked him to turn around, but he kept driving, gaining speed.

“Tell me where the files are!” he barked.

Gosh! Those files! They’re giving me a huge run for my life. Maybe the auto driver was that guy’s partner-in-crime too.

I had to act fast.

‘Panicking doesn’t help. Think faster, Teju!’

I quickly removed the shawl I was wearing and wound it around the driver’s neck, squeezing tightly. He began choking and drove haphazardly, his hands trying to reach me frantically.

But, I resumed squeezing until he let go and the auto hit a building. I jumped out and began running the way we came.

‘Stay cool, Teju! Once you reach home, you’ll be safe!’

But, when I reached the station, another shock awaited me. There was my intruder, along with three other men, waiting for me at the station. He was tending to his head and I heard him swearing at me angrily.

I turned around to hide before one of them could sight me, but it was too late. I heard someone shout, “There she is!” followed by running footsteps and with little energy left, I ran, but the world around me began moving in circles. The rogues were gaining on me.

Clutching my handbag for support, I kept running, until I stumbled and fell, hitting the ground hard.

“Files! Files! Files!” someone screamed in my head incessantly.

I tried to get up, but I was in an utter state of dizzy.

The scene of one of my colleagues handing over those files to me played in front of me.

“Safeguard these files carefully.” He says.

“Oh! Sure I will.” I say.

 I grabbed something to steady myself from blacking out and realized that ‘thing’ was a leg.

The last thing that I knew when someone secured me with a rope and another kissed me savagely, I was shouting where those files were hidden…’


Phew! At last I got my prologue right! 😛



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