My Mom’s favorite color

The first time I cried happy

Popping out from momma’s womb & she was all sappy.

When I landed with a ‘thud’ in this world,

I’m the nascent chick that unfurled.

“Oh Mom! Is your favorite color blue?

Because I’ll drown in the sea without a clue.”

“Hey Beauty!” I heard my mom coo softly,

Within my pint-sized pinkish palms rather securely,

Wrapped-up was her long lanky forefinger.

Oh! I wish to make that moment linger!

“Oh Mom! Is your favorite color yellow?

I’ll be the scorching sun, bearing the heat, with no bellow.”

As months crawled into years,

My Mom taught me to crush all my fears,

Of walking steady without falling headlong,

“C’mon you can do it”- the call of her optimistic song.

“Oh Mom! Is your favorite color white?

I’ll turn speechless, my teeth pulled out with might.”

Ding Dong! Ha! I grew up to ring the bell now,

Lifting my body, resting on my toes. “But how?

How did I forget to notice my child growing?”

My mom, a little disheartened was mowing.

Ugh, I don’t give hoots about her favorite color,

All I care about is a few bucks and a dollar.

“I know what I’m doing! You stay out of it!”

I yelled at her influencing my decision every bit.

My jaws were set grim and she flinched,

While I was ready to wound, if she inched.

“Ah!” As the days and nights set in,

I took to the role of an endearing mother.

“I know what I’m doing! Stay out of it!”-that’s my daughter,

Bringing the same pain as was to my mother.

“Oh Mom! Is your favorite color Black?

Am ready for a few strands of hair to lack,

Close knitted to your chest,

That I could feel your pulse at its best.

No Mom! I bet it’s crimson red!

I’ll peel my skin off ahead,

From my tingling veins that so badly hurt you.

Yet Mom, I LOVE YOU, with my each heartbeat due…”



3 thoughts on “My Mom’s favorite color

  1. hay … hi .. saw you at community pool .. love your writings .. i dont have words for your blog … more deserving then my appreciation .. love it love it love it … this post just made me love my mum even more .. i love my mother too much …
    and yeah i have something for you .. hope you will like it .. .. and yeah give me tips for being a star like you ..


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