Yay! I got a mail!

To : myblogreaders@gmail.com
Subject : Send me mails please😐
Hey!! How are you?!! Guess what?! I’ve had a most fantafabulous day.. But, I just wanted to remind you I wanna tell you all this in a mail.

Before you plundered your time in whatsapp, you relied on emails to communicate.
You typed long emails and just like smelling the pages of a new novel, you felt enthused when you soft-clicked that ‘COMPOSE’ button which flashes bright across you from the left corner of your personal email ID. You then sent the mail, typed with care and seasoned with love, with a smile upon your face and waited for the other’s reply.
Oh boy! Weren’t those waiting moments equivalent to years strung together?!
As soon as you entered your mail ID and your correct password (if you remembered it correctly, of course!) the mail loads. But before you set your eyes upon the page loading in front of you, you glanced at the tab page that would show ‘Inbox (1)…’
‘Hurrah!’ You leapt in joy. At last the mail you had been expecting all those weird years (days maybe;)) had reached you.
You saw that fresh unopened mail in light color box, marking the beginning of the rest of your mails. You moved the cursor and with suppressed zeal you gave a single left click.
Voilà! The mail presented itself in front of you. Sometimes, you began reading immediately. Other times, you sustained the suspense and scrolled down to see how long the mail is. (A personal note : I loveeee loooonnng mails💜)
Your eyes darted from line to line and every line you read, got memorized. You finished reading the mail with satisfaction and adeptly moved your fingers to the keyboard to type-in a reply.
With bated breath, you awaited again for another reply. And then you mailed frequently and received continuously too.
Now, what do we do? Fight on whatsapp, if the reply doesn’t reach you within the time you expected. You stalk into people’s lives and inhabit their every hour.
Where have all those ‘mail days’ gone? Don’t you miss the adventure of getting an email and sending one? Didn’t those long waits teach about patience? Where have all those mails you typed with a ‘dear‘ vanished to?
I guess the future generation would quote the ‘mail days‘ as  ‘stone age‘! No surprise for me though!:|
I do miss all those days. Communication has improved. I agree. But isn’t the old age ‘Old is Gold’ true? Wasn’t there some kind of bitter sweetness that persisted during those mailing times in the nearest cyber café?
Does the memory of someone who mailed you or to whom you mailed frequently flood into you now? What are you waiting for then?
Go! Open your Gmail, click the ‘COMPOSE’ button and pour in your thoughts and emotions. Tell them how you spent your day, tell them if you missed them, tell them everything you wanted to say without interruption.. Don’t hesitate to click the send button though! Today is your day!🙌🙋:)
And yeah, please be sure to notify them in whatsapp to check their mail ID. Sadly, not everyone check their mail at least once in a day.:(
Enjoy sending mails! Revive the culture! Send personal emails and strengthen your bond! Feel free to share if you want to mail me too..😜 My comments box is always welcome for your insights.
So long! Happy mailing!✉📩💻




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