My Bangalore Days

As I typed that title, I was battling with myself whether to keep ‘A slice of my dream’ or ‘My Bangalore Days’.

And, as you can see, I finally settled with the latter.

This piece of writing is dedicated to all those people who say, “Bar your dreams. They’re either not practical or impossible.”

Before you contemplate whether to take my side or go against me, I’ll present you my dreams or rather my bucket-list.

These dreams of mine are kinda my burning desires that I dream during the day and have given me some sleepless nights and make me enthusiastic to do something right then when the whole of the country is asleep..

The moment I think of the word ‘happiness’ I see sunshine in my mind, through a camera lens like they show in movies (now do you understand why I named this writing after the movie name ‘Bangalore Days’?), with the heroine in the center of the frame and the sunlight peeking from the corner.

And then, there I stand on a tenth floor balcony, watering plants and caressing my tummy and smiling at the baby in my womb. I’m wearing a white sleeveless half gown with blue floral prints.. ❤

Then the scene transcends to holiday spots.. And I literally want this to happen – ‘I wanna travel the world with two things in my hand. One – my DSLR and the other – his hand.’ 

Then, I wanna walk on the streets at 11 p.m. with freedom and no fear that I’m a girl and that I should be home by then or fear of getting molested.

I wish to cook different things in a day, be a home-maker, a writer, a Financial Advisor – just literally wanna be a multi-tasker. 

I also wish to break the typo – “Girls cannot do what men can..”

C’mon society! You’re living in the 21st century! You still deny a woman her rights?!

I can take this no more! But to those people who accept modern views and let a woman follow her way (if she goes in the right path, of course!), I salute you.

I wanna play in the snow, go sea-diving, just leave a mark of my feet on the shore and watch it being washed away by the waves, go early in the morning to beach with my DSLR and jog everyday, a hot steaming coffee in a mug on a rainy day…

Coming to the part of romance, I agree to arranged marriage, I don’t need a teary-eyed happy ending love that unites after all struggles. I’m contented with a few smiles and clicks on my wedding day beside a stranger whom I’m gonna learn about for the rest of my life. It’s always joy through discoveries. I just need a happy ending and that’s it. Period. 

I do have so many other things on my bucket list, but I don’t wish to bore you with them. They’re similar to the ones I mentioned.

OK, now coming back to those who say ‘NO!’ to my dreams, so do these all seem impossible?

If not everyday, I’d even be happy if any of my dreams exist for just a day.. Or at least a minute, or even a second is fine by me!

But, they simply say, “It’s not sensible!”

I ask, “Why?”

“You still have to grow. You live in an illusion..” comes their bland reply.

I’m ready to bear the disappointment if my dreams never happen. But, your words are heart-breaking than that.

The main reason why people are afraid to follow is that they have learned to compromise with their dreams. They are satisfied with whatever they receive and do not starve for the better. Life does not give everybody an opportunity to pursue their dreams; it rather tests everybody and then the people who stipulate all the tests are given the opportunity to live theirs. We should never ever let anybody, not even ourselves, destroy our dreams and should never compromise with our wishes.

I saw a recent whatsapp status by a few – “Dreams l Reality”. I wonder what made these people to introduce a ‘bar’ ( ‘l’ ) in between..

“Believe it you can and you are halfway there.”

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who live in the beauty of their dreams.”

Didn’t Sir A.P.J. Abdul Kalam say, “Dreams are not those what you see in sleep; dreams are those which do not let you sleep”??

Now tell me, should I follow my heart or the discouraging words?



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