Lucky Dream, Unlucky Fate

We live as a couple in my dream –
– The dream that doesn’t come when I sleep,
But that which appear when alive I seem.

Fighting playfully and me nibbling your ear,
We live as a lovely duo,
And you, beside me for my every tear.

You tease me and I throw an amusing look at you,
What if you are a born pacifier?
There can only be a gifted few.

You know me before I say
Understand what I need before I express.
But I dunno if my dream is a night or day.

One look into my eyes and you’re frozen,
I giggle at you and you make faces.
You feel my feel through my eyes that you’ve chosen.

And soon I found,
You hugging me from behind,
Is more romantic than me hugging your chest, bound.

Through rain and sunshine,
We live like our kith-and-kin
You for me and I for thine.

But all this happen only in my dream,
I can never react the same with you now,
You and me as a couple – not in God’s theme.

So, my love goes unheard,
Your care goes unheeded,
My dream goes unsatisfied.

Tell your re-birth to wait,
We’ll unite in the next life.
Hope, that be our lucky fate.



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