I was standing in the 116 street Manhattan subway station, holding a file filled with papers, waiting for my train. In the opposite lane, there stood a train heading towards Bronx. As the train started to leave, the air surrounding the station got accelerated. Along with the air a paper came, hit and landed on my shoulder. It kinda seemed like a resume.

“Sorry sorry. Its mine”, said a girl and got back her resume from my hand. She was in her business attire.Her skin color, eye lashes and body curves revealed me that she too is an Indian.

“That’s ok”.

Again the surrounding air started to move fast because of the incoming train. Now the same thing happened to me. This time, a paper from my file hit her face.

“Oops Sorry,” I said, taking my paper from her face, with a sheepish smile.

She smiled cutely, her eyes looking at the paper in my hand. Puzzled I looked at the paper.  A red coloured lipstick mark was made on the paper because of her liquid lipstick.I was entranced by the lipstick mark and her beauty, and therefore missed her departing on the train. I didn’t even see her name in the resume.

“The most luckiest unlucky guy. Idiot,” I cursed myself.

I came back to reality with the arrival of my train. I got down at the Fulton Street station. I was a typist, working in Kroll Inc. My working room was in 6th floor. It had 8 rows, each provided with 6 cubicles. Since I was a sweat-man I got a cubicle situated near a window. Like everyday around 100 printed documents were placed on my table and my only task, all over the year, was to convert documents into word files. I sat down, switched on my laptop and started my work, despondent over the fact that I will never see her again.

Within half an hour I got bored of typing and thought to relax myself with a coffee. Looking through the window, I started sipping my coffee. Again I got the vision of the same girl. She was attending her interview in the opposite building, perfectly parallel to mine. Something inside me urged me to get her attention. Maybe because of the way she smiled or the way she said sorry or the same nationality. Whatever, my mind was not in a mood to figure out a reason. “Just make her see you. MAKE HER SEE YOU,” said my mind repeatedly, in joy.

She sat down, facing north and I was looking at her from west. I dropped the idea of shouting at her as I might get caught by my higher officials. Instead I made hand gestures. I tried my best but couldn’t get her attention. Cursing myself I sat down on my chair, propping my elbow on the table. Suddenly the papers on my table shattered because of the gust wind.

“Got it”, I said smiling at the papers on the floor.

I picked one and made a paper plane. I aimed it at her open window. I am not a pro in making flights. It went forward a little, began bending down and hit the ground, rolling. “Oh shit,” I said, starting to make another one.

Target missed!!!

“Again”, said my mind.




Around 40 documents were wasted. Unfortunately, all my efforts were met with varying levels of failure. Some went nearby and got crashed with the wall. Some went through some other windows. Some went to some other floors. One entered the floor above her, interrupting a couple sharing their kiss. Luckily one went inside, passed her and landed in the dust bin, placed at the corner of the room.

“Reload… RELOAD”

All my ammo (papers) were used. For a second I thought of steeling some papers from my nearby cubicles. Then I took that lip marked paper and made another plane, placing the lip mark on the top surface.

Again the target was locked. The time I was about to launch the paper, there came the gust wind. Slipping from my hand the paper straight away reached the basement of my building.

“The luckiest unlucky guy. !@#$%^&..”

After a minute or two I saw her leaving the room. My heart raced fast. “Go and talk to her”, my mind alerted me. I rushed to the elevators and came down as fast as possible, crossed the road and reached her building entrance. Unfortunately, I failed to see which way she went.I started to walk towards my office in disgust.

Suddenly I felt a cool breeze. The same sky was pretty clear, just a few minutes ago, started turning black. I heard the fluttering sound of papers behind me. Puzzled, I turned back. My eyes went wide.

All the 40 planes made by me stood still in the air, pointing towards me. I was astonished. I felt like my legs were glued to the ground. The papers came close to me, stuck on me, like needles attracted to a magnet, everywhere. It dragged me towards the west, leading to the Fulton station, made me to get down at my source station.

Meanwhile on the other side, the lip marked paper went to her. The paper hit her at the back, while she was heading towards Fulton Street subway station. She took it on her hand. Seeing her lip mark on the paper, curves formed around her lips, she guessed the person who made that plane and started searching me. Again the paper gained lift and started to fly. It guided her to the nearby subway station,Wall Street. She followed the plane as it went inside the train heading to Bronx. The paper made her to get down at the 116 street station.

The moment she got out of the train, the papers on me got demagnetised and shattered on the floor. That made her to look towards me. We both looked each other. We were standing at the same station where we met for the first time. The dark clouds started to drain themselves and I could hear the water splashing, outside.

“Thank god, for creating such a romantic scene for me”, I thought to myself.

“uh huh.. may be u’re lucky in this”, said my mind.

I looked exactly into her eyes. Stepping forward, I started to reduce the gap between us. We came closer, panting.

Smiling, I said “ Roy…” and extended my hand.

I hope you know what would’ve happened next and so I leave the rest to you…….


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