Pointless whispers

My heart aches terribly now,

Apparently I’m stressed.

My grades are falling, I know not how.

That is not my sole reason,

I witness my life crumble before my eyes,

A new pain for every season.

“Why don’t you care a tidbit?”

“You should have voiced out earlier!”

“Isn’t it for your own sake, ditsy?”

Long heard are the whines of others.

But do they hear my whine?

“Leave me alone for good, O! You botherers!”

“You changed!” – that accusing finger towards me.

As someone has said, I didn’t change,

I just stopped doing as per your wish. Let it be!

I step into their shoes and try to comprehend,

Why in the whole world am I so carefree?

But, it rather goes pointless and I offend.

Enough of pestering me to act to your tunes!

Maybe I don’t belong here anymore.

I belong where my dreams shine like a moon.



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