Poetic aura

Every poem has its own different versions from different set of people. Each one views it from one’s own angle depending upon one’s mindset.

A poet pens down his/her thoughts and firstly it connects to his/her inner self. Deep emotions etched, metaphors and pun interspersed, rhyming rhythms – all these constitute a poem.

We all have come across ‘poem comprehension’ and of course I do agree there was point when we cursed the poet if it’s gonna be a complex line with so many allusions, playing hide-and-seek with us. 😀

But, remember a poet may not feel that he’s telling too much in a single line. He’s not conscious of that and if he is, then it means that he has certain reasons for that. He needs specific words to express his thoughts but sometimes a poet can keep his lines simple, easy enough for even a layman to understand.

If you ask me how I write my poems, I’d tell ask my friends 🙂

It’s because no one would oblige to read my work, as they already have a mindset that I use high standard unknown terms that is confusing for them. So, they try to avoid situations wherein I’d ask them to read my poems. But, they’ve taught me to put my thoughts in simple sentences and be more effective with little short words.

Yet, if the subject is gonna be a strong one, I go about ranting in my ‘unknown’ terms and it’s effect on people is nil. Old habits die hard, right? 😉

And, yeah, I got a few requests from my friend that ‘if’ in future should I publish my poems in textbooks of school children, then I must prepare the questions that would be asked for the exams along with the answers. 😀 I assume their reason to is justified – they don’t want their child to suffer like them. 🙂

God bless, I do hope, they don’t nip their children’s imagination and remove the ‘poem comprehension’ from the exam pattern that has brought the poet in me and so many others out there. Am I right?



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