Your Fairy Tale

Every fable or a story begins with ‘Once upon a time…’ phrase.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to get the feel that our life is a story too?

Now, let’s begin reading your book.

Look at the book cover with your photo on it and your name penned under it.

Enough of admiring your face! 😉

Now, turn your page.

There begins your story.

‘Once upon a time… a boy/ a girl came into this world on…’

That’s how and when each one’s story begins.

Then there comes the King and the Queen – your Dad and Mom, obviously!

All the people in the kingdom rejoiced when you were born. Trumpets were blown and other Kings and Queens were informed of your arrival too (your relatives). They all came to see you, to caress you and wish your parents a hearty congratulations.

Then slowly you grew up.. grew up to be naughty. But since you were the King’s son/ daughter no one laid any restrictions on you. So, you had the freedom to explore, play, make friends with anyone without any bias. You ran like a deer in the wood, flew like a kite in the air and brought smiles upon people’s faces by your childish charm.

Gradually, they appointed a master to teach you (joining school). You whined initially, but began to accept when you knew you could play with new friends. Later the master taught you the crafts to mould you into the proper heir. But, in between you found all those homework were tiresome and you were exhausted by the time you finished chasing the deer in the forest (watching your favourite cartoon) and had a nice game in the cool evening breeze. Though the Queen, your mom was well aware of that, she’d still affectionately push you to finish the work and serve you with your favourite meal.

Then, you found out what pleased the King and the Queen and acted accordingly, hiding away your naughty pranks. Slowly, you emerged to be an adolescent and the people called you officially as ‘Prince/Princess.’ And you also happened to meet your Prince Charming or your Sleeping Beauty and fell in love with them. Meanwhile you had so many evil characters who played the antagonists of your life. But, in the end, your love wins and you get married in the presence of a huge gathering.

And every fairy tale would end here with “And they lived happily ever after…” Isn’t it?

But, does our story really end here? I don’t guess so! If you too feel the same, then, continue reading…

You are now titled ‘The King/ The Queen’ of the empire. You shoulder the responsibilities with utmost care and sincere. You realise you need to be the guiding light for those who trust you. You soon turn into a Dad or Mom. Then, you get a news that the King from the neighbouring kingdom has announced a war with you (these are your obstacles). You either win or lose. But, all that matters is what you’ve learnt from it.

Now, you mature and execute the same duties to your child like your parents did for you. You gain happiness from every little sort of mischief your young princes/ princesses do. You concentrate on protecting and providing a secure life for those around you.

You grow up and mature with experience and render advice and then, one fine day, you realise your Prince/ Princess is now ready to take over your position and you retire with content.

You have your aged King/Queen beside you always, expressing their love and care for you. Then, with whatever you’ve achieved by your presence in this world, you attain the eternal space of time and your story – your valour, patience, kindness, good deeds. everything is recited by your Prince/Princess to their next generation and your good name lives long to be heard in every nook and corner…

Though you’ve left the physical body,when your good acts survive to tell the tale, this is when I’d say, “And they lived happily ever after…”

Am I right?

The end.

Finished reading your book? How do you feel now? Any happy tears?

P.S. ping me below 😛



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