To Captain Cool…

Dear Dhoni Anna,
I’m not an ardent cricket fan, but I do know the basic rules of the game. Pardon me for my insufficient knowledge. Other than that, I know the names of the players quite well and who is the batsman or bowler or all-rounder. It’s with this limited knowledge that I’ve been following the cricket matches.
When someone utters the word ‘cricket’ only two persons come to my mind – Captain Cool (who is none other than you) and Mr. Cricket. The only matches that I see with patriotism are the IPL, as my support is for my home team, the lions – Chennai Super Kings. When the summer heat beats us down, the only way to escape them is to watch the lions roar on the ground. Despite the AC in its full swing, I’d perspire for every ball thrown at Michael brother and every time there comes a chance for a catch.

There are only two things I observe when the lions hit the ground – one, the way Michael Hussey raises his innocent eyebrows and reacts to a ball while batting and another, the way you twitch your nose with or without helmet.

“September 24th, 2007, T20 ka final match. Who’ll bowl the last over? A crucial decision I had to make.” A pause and background music chimes in. “Experts would’ve told me to go with the lead spinner.” Again a pause. “But, I had other ideas.” A pause and scenes of people cheering is shown. “Because to be successful, you’ve to different,” – that soothing calm voice for the McDowell’s Century Soda Ad mesmerized me. That’s when I came to know about your cool tactics and you seem to know every player well.

It’s not every time we come across a celebrity who lives his life in a simple manner despite the fame and money. Hats off to you Anna! I guess you owe that one to your hometown.

I dunno if it’s heartbreaking for me to have heard you retire from Test series – as I don’t watch those matches. Again, I beg your pardon. But, people say that you took the right decision, at the right time, without overstaying your welcome. I’ve no opinion to offer to that.

No problem bro. Leave those white T-shirts behind. Come back to your second home – Chennai. Wear the yellow jersey and step on to the ground in style. I’ll welcome you with the background music – the Whistles.

Yours awestruck-by-your-cool-attitude,
A Dhoni fan.



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