Friends trend!

“A long road I was travelling on,

No side roads, it was just straight.

There, I sighted few trees on a lawn,

And I heard few laughs and giggles.


Chattering was all they did,

And I exclaimed with a state of glee,

“Oh! I found my troop!” with a smile,

As I hopped to join the few monkeys on the tree.”

No offence my friends! Dedicated just to you people for bringing those curves around my lips every time I turn sad and also to those special friends who kick the sorrow out of my mouth and make stupid jokes just to see me laugh.

I’m feeling so elated after a long time and the credit goes to you. I can’t thank you enough for those wonderful moments you spend with me everyday. Feeling grateful to have you guys! 🙂

Sometimes, all we need to do, to relieve us from stress and pain, is to have a chat with our dear-most  friends and hang out with them.

I read a recent quote which goes this way – ‘If your friends don’t tease you or pull your leg or hurt you, they ain’t your friends at all.’

Then voila! there you are! All free and light, hopping on in life like the little sparrows!



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