Animated Craziness

I was watching the movie ‘Epic’ today at my cousin’s recommendations (as I don’t favor animation movies much). It turned out that I fell in love with the movie and its characters and wished I could be one of them.

Every animated movie comes with the same ‘save-the-whatever-from-something’ and ‘you-will-realize-your-love-only-when-the-story-is-gonna-end’ theme. But, they all have their own different stories to tell, despite the common morals they portray.

Once someone gets involved in an animated movie, the saddest part is to return to reality when the story ends and the credits roll in.

What messages do these films deliver?

•Everyone is a born warrior. Fight for the right cause.
•Every problem has its own solution.
•Team work pays off.
•The heroes always stand out from their group and they look most ruggedly handsome and young. 🙂 ❤
•The heroines usually have the most innocent eyes and a rendering heart (Just like me) 😉 😛
•The hero and the heroine won’t get along, right from the beginning of the play but in the end turn out to be ‘I-wanted-you-to-propose-first’ or just realize they can’t live without him/her. ❤
•Each one has a magical power – the power of kindness and compromise.
•You will attain what you want through patience.
•Follow your leader – he’s the best in guiding. But if you wish to stand out, then as I said you will be the real hero. 🙂
•Every story has a ‘happily-ever-after’ ending, meaning things will have a positive outcome towards the end always.
Like I say always – “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”



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