“You’re not worth a penny!

Unfit for any possession.

How do you make a living,

With your short, fit-for-nothing stature?

Unfit for any possession

I’m all time ridiculed.

Dumb with crazy ideas,

Yet not an understanding soul to gently press.

“How do you make a living?”

Similar questions I dwell with.

“You’re a selfless person

With a soul gifted for nothing.”

“With your short, fit-for-nothing stature,

Your presence is not a requisite.

Remain unseen, extinguished,

Let your sullen presence be unfelt by us.”

“Ouch!” cries my little Heart,

It does hurt despite the ignorance.

I do have emotions and feelings

Similar to every depth of every soul.”

“It does hurt despite the ignorance.

Yet I try to conceal every wound.”

I self-evaluate all my stuff

Realizing I’m not all that bad.

“I do have emotions and feelings.

I too can feel every little pain.

I pricks me right through the middle,

All those serious bullying over me.”

“Similar to every depth of every soul,

I try to make a joy-bound living.”

Despite all the grumbles of my petite heart,

I strive to stand steady in my hold.

“Oh! I can feel its presence!”

Whispers my scrunched heart,

“My cracks are healing,

My crumples are expanding.”

Whispers my scrunched heart,

“You can neither see it nor feel it.

Corked inside a glass flask,

It is everything but intangible.”

“My cracks are healing,

I can envisage a dawn-lit path.

I, now understand myself better than anyone,

As the element in the flask is rising.”

“My crumples are expanding,

Howsoever my heart regains back.

The element – ‘HOPE’ is up to the brim,

As I got a PhD in being me.”



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