Santa Banta!


Merry Christmas!

Having a nice jolly ride with your presents? Are you spreading joy and love? Or sulking in one corner of not getting what you wanted in life?

But before that, did you wish Jesus Christ today?

Don’t ask me why!

If you did, then Merry Christmas to you! If you didn’t, Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂 Yeah, isn’t forgiveness what our Lord taught us all? 😉

‘I saw a mountain moving,

And I felt joy inside.

I saw the mountain turning,

And relief gripped me.

I saw a scar healing,

And happy tears flowed.

I saw the skin regain its colour,

And my joy knew no bounds.

And the mountain was my fear,

The scar – my failures in life.

And guess who the healer was?

Oh! It’s my Saviour Jesus Christ!’

Now, now, where is Santa hiding??? I didn’t get my gift yet 😦 I’m gonna eat the chocolate fudge I reserved for Santa now 😛 Santa! Beware! I might sneak up behind you and grab away all your gifts! 😀

Wish you all a very merry berry Christmas! 😀 And do spread joy coz…



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