Essence of Marriage?

Every time this question keeps popping up in my mind.

“What’s the essence of marriage?”

Obviously, I first directed this question to my parents, to which they replied, “Sacrifices.”

The question continued to linger in my mind.

With all the teenage life having a profound influence and casting a love spell over me, the question intrigued me more and more.

Then, I asked a few friends who said, “Understanding.”

But, they had a deep explanation along with it, which goes like this, “Fall in love with someone you like, get to know each other well and then decide to get married.”

With all the new-tech apps, finding LOVE isn’t a hard core job, but I did realise they all are ‘virtual love’ and not what I want – ‘true love’.

The question was then passed on to my newly-wed cousins, who answered, “Sharing.”

Talking in the Indian context, the present gen experiences both the men and women having a hard life with each one’s job. So, sharing the work at home and toggling between taking care of kids and job is something decided at prima facie.

Years continued to roll by and once I heard my English Prof. say, “Compromises,” to my question.

Now, that set me thinking.

You might question me didn’t my parents mean the same by ‘Sacrifices’?

Though the words ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Compromise’ may seem similar, I found the difference between them that had an impact on me. ‘Sacrifices’ mean ‘giving up’ whereas ‘Compromises’ mean ‘giving in’.

Now you tell me, isn’t that a wide difference?

Sometimes one need to let go off certain things just so one could live a successful marital life.

Don’t you wish to be the reason behind your spouse’s smile?

Okay, lemme bring this straight to you.

If YOU are the reason behind your wife’s tears, your marriage begins to crumble there.

If YOU are the reason why your husband feels insecure and weak, your marriage begins to crumble there.

Try to respect each one’s ‘EQUALITY’. That means a lot. In a marriage, not everything comes with perfection. There’ll be flaws. But, it lies on YOU to turn that flaw into a positive one.

Now, now, you can’t ask what the meaning of life is. YOU have to define it.

You get my point right?

Now, it’s YOUR turn to define the essence of marriage.

P.S. When you define, please do notify me… 😛



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