2014 : Transition

Every year proves to be a transition for each one for us…

Changes… That’s what I exactly mean by transition – both internal and external.

Externally, we undergo many alterations. A shift from one grade to another in school, from school to college, from college to job, to fall in love, to marriage, from a husband or a wife to a dad or mom, then to grandmother or grandfather, and not to miss out all those tiny little babies who came into this world to share our space and those loved old ones, putting all their worries to rest and entering the eternal space of time…

But, it’s those changes that we experience within ourselves that count the most. Reforming into better human beings, realizing our negatives, working incessantly on optimism and making compromises…


When I think of all these, I can only sigh with a feeling of triumph of hurdling all that came along my path, this year, 2014.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and many more occasions must have spruced up our life with joy and ecstasy.


Broken hearts, lost loved ones, break ups, the ‘thanks’ that went untold, distancing with someone, not saying ‘sorry’ because of our ego – all these must’ve dropped by your doorstep too.


You still survive! Oh boy! Aren’t you glad to be reminded of that?!


A simple ‘sorry’ would’ve solved all those situations.

And still…

It’s better sometimes not to keep on saying sorry or forgiving others, as they might take advantage over you. Sooooo true…


Your life goes on. Doesn’t it?

We can feel that drop of tear on our already-moist cheek, expressing the hurt and pain we underwent. And, oh yes, there are those times when you suddenly feel your cheeks dampen due to happy tears, when you felt sooooo happy that you could’ve moved a mountain literally.

Life isn’t simple all the time. It tests our patience and kindles the latent energy inside us. And if it doesn’t, then how else would we’ve recognized that spark inside us? Makes sense right?

Look back…

Months have rolled by. The last New Year’s resolution – do you remember it still? Bless me! I’d be surprised if you did! And even more amazed if you had withheld it!

They’re nothing but promises we made to ourselves. Oh! You don’t believe in promises? Well, they are just a means of saying to someone – “Trust me, I don’t have the heart to hurt you,” or “Believe me, I wouldn’t let you down.”

January, February, March… before you knew it, well, here is DECEMBER!!!

And oh yeah, it’s Christmas time people! Merry Christmas!

And another year with full of opportunities lie in front of you – 2015… Happy New Year!

Every minute that you sculpted for yourself, every person you met, every phone call that you made, every text message you sent, every moment you made someone smile counts. Doesn’t that make you smile? Are you feeling that light-heartedness in you that says you are happy? Or are you still feeling lonely and sad for missing out on some special moments, or some closed ones?

Then, here’s what you gotta do…

Missing somebody? – Call

Wanna meet up? – Invite

Wanna be understood? – Explain

Have Questions? – Ask

Don’t like something? – Say it

Like something? – State it

Want something? – Ask for it

Love someone? – Tell it

Why complicate life? We just have one Life. Keep it simple.

But… you need to accept rejection sometimes. Not all that you do would be given a thumbs-up sign. Compromises – you need to give up sometimes, just so you’ll be given another chance or to make your loved one smile. Certain things will be rebuffed. And don’t you dare get dejected.

There’s nothing called as ‘last chance.’ There’s always second last to it. (Chance hamesha last nahin, second last hota hai)

Still feeling sad? Have no idea as how to stay happy?

Then lemme share my latest philosophy with you.

Take a deep breath as it’s not as easy as you think it’ll be to handle…


Well, here it is…

‘Let go of things that make you sad. Just let it go…’



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