My thing of beauty

This is a story by my cousin, who is turning a writer too. But this ain’t his maiden story, yet I thought I’ll give him some space in my blog to establish his style of writing and his thoughts. Hope you find his narration interesting…

“I’m on my way,” my friend said over the phone, “Where are you?”

“Same here. Gonna board the bus soon,” I replied.

“Catch you there, Rohan.”

The call was disconnected.

My friend had bought a new DUKE 390 bike and he had wanted to show me. So I was on my way to witness the splendour of the bike.

I boarded a bus, got a ticket to a place that was ten stops away from where I had boarded, but it would take about forty five minutes to reach my destination in the thick traffic of Chennai.

I found a seat parallel to the exit and sat down with a sigh for not having to travel all the way, standing. I plugged into my earphones and tuned in to RADIO MIRCHI station, my favourite FM. I heard RJ SHA’s voice coo “You’re listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, Idhu sema hot machiii!!!”

Then, to soothe me from the busy hour of the evening, surrounded by the incessant blaring of vehicle horns, my favourite music director, A.R.Rahman’s popular hit echoed through the earphones, complimenting a pleasant journey. I was listening to every rhythm, mesmerized, when the bus halted at a stop.

The bus had been crowded by now. And I noticed two girls boarding the bus.

One was wearing a T-Shirt that read “Don’t follow me. You’ll be lost too.”

“Anyway,” I thought, “I’ve got no mind of following you right now.” So, I didn’t give a damn look at her.

They didn’t get a seat to sit down and wear standing at an angle where I could see them clearly.

Then, I happened to notice the other girl and she happened to be wearing a full black masakali. Then, I got the lifetime chance to look up at the girl and tat was one in a million chances I’d say because… because she was that beautiful and pretty.

The song playing in my ears seemed to be out of earshot now. Everything around me calmed down and seemed to move in a slow motion like fashion. I admired every part of her face – the large earrings that hung down the small hole from her pink ears, the black bindi with  the red and golden gems on it, the black kajal smeared near her eyelashes, the light make-up over her cheeks and those plumpy, pink lips…

OMG!!!!!! I had fallen in love in such a short notice. I didn’t know if falling in love with the beauty of outward appearance is good and justifiable but I wasn’t in a mood to argue about it right then, as I felt the gravity on her pulling my attention all towards her. At some point, she noticed me watching her intently and she squirmed a bit, uneasy with my attitude.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” I gestured.

For the next ten minutes, her eyes constantly turned to check if I was still watching her and I kept a count on the number of times she locked her eyes with mine.

“Seven,” I muttered under my breath, “Not bad.”

A lady left her window seat to alight the bus and she replaced it. I cursed the lady for leaving soon as the passengers behind ‘my beauty’ blocked my view.

A few minutes later, she glanced back at me again and moved about uneasily in her seat.

“Now, man, give her a break. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable,” I ordered myself. So, I turned away to look outside and that’s when I realized I had to step down from the bus after two stops.

I wondered what I should do then. I wasn’t willing to lose her. So, I directed my entire focus on her, no matter how much she’s gonna squirm or gimme those daring looks.

“‘Fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet,” the whistle sound of the conductor brought me from my fantasising fantasies to the harsh reality that I had to alight now. As I got up from my seat, I sighted her looking at me from the corner of her eyes and soon I alighted.

“Hey how is my Duke 390, Rohan? I heard my friend call out to me, “Isn’t she a beauty?”

But, I didn’t look at him. I kept glancing at ‘my beauty, my find’  at the window.

“Rohan?” he called out to me again. I still didn’t respond and I sensed him staring at the girl, the reason behind my distraction.

“When will I see you again?” I asked her in my mind and sighed.

And right then, she turned and gave a promising smile at me as if she had heard my thoughts and that was her reply to my question.

I rolled my eyes in surprise and my friend slapped me hard on my back and this time I turned to look at him sitting on his new bike.

“Go man, GO for her. Don’t miss the chance,” he urged.


“Just do it dude,” he said, pushing me forward slightly.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to give that beauty a look too, after I catch my beauty,” I said, winking and pointing out at his bike.

“Well, she is your thing of beauty now,” he yelled behind me.

Just as the bus driver roared the engine to life again, I boarded and saw her smile expanding into a sheepish grin now. I felt relieved, after all I found that she too had found me admirable.

The conductor looked at me puzzled, for seeing me again on the same bus and opened his mouth to ask me, “Where do you wanna go no…”

But the sentence hung in mid air as I heard, “Rohan, sleepyhead, wake up. Time to go and see your friend’s new bike,” my room-mate call me in his hoarse voice.

My dream literally shattered, as reality hit me.

But I wondered if I’d witness my beauty in real life today, when I board a bus to witness my friend’s new beauty…


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