Missing you sweetheart!

I turned a bit melancholic as the night reigned in. I wrote this elegy outta nowhere. Just felt the lines pouring in without any bumps. The sad part I realised is that no one owns anyone in their lifetime…
“The solid ground beneath fails to hold me,
Gravity expires, my vision blurs and I can’t see.
I don’t feel any pain, no bruises, no stabs,
Just a feeling of nothingness.

Your absence makes my heart crave harder,
Just a simple look at you would make me better.
I procrastinate, I just can’t concentrate,
Nothing interests me much, than you.
Look into my eyes, say you’ll never leave my side,
But you disappeared and my care for you, I just can’t hide.
Tell me what hurts you rather than being silent,
 It inflicts more pain than a thousand daggers could do justice.
Just don’t leave me without saying,
But you did, on your coffin box I’m lying.
I feel numb, no pain, stabs or bruises,
Just a feeling of nothingness in this world without you.”

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