A poem of life…

This is based on a true story that I got to hear through a friend…

I saw her near the lifestyle showroom. I was on the escalator, which I felt took ages to reach the floor from the moment I set my eyes on her. Yea, I was in the Express Avenue mall, not lost in the divinity of the expensiveness and richness of the atmosphere, but rather at the simplicity in ‘her’.

She began moving around and I had to twist my head when the escalator slowly carried me to the second floor. On setting my feet on the floor, I half ran to catch up with her and spent the whole evening tracking her from shop to shop. The moment that I had feared came when she stepped out of the mall that seemed so small to me now.

“Wish I could initiate a talk with her,” I mused, “If then, what?”

I wasn’t in the least ready to propose to her, saying ‘I immediately got a liking for you when I saw you for the first time today.’

That would be absurd and of course ridiculous!

I lost her there because of my cowardice…

Two months later…

I realized I committed the gravest mistake of my life. For two months, I completely lost my mind. Mall isn’t a likely place that she’d frequent, so, I roamed on every street, every public place, desperately trying to locate her.

In the sixth most populous city of India with a population of 4.34 million people, how will I be able to find her in Chennai?

But I did…

I crossed path with her once again only to find that she lived in the next street. I believed then, that fate threw us together. I was overjoyed that God had created certain knot between us. I was then determined to speak to her.

I found a few links like neighbors, friends to somehow get introduced to her.

“Hi, I’m Priya,” she said, shaking my hand, “Doing my MBBS.”

“Syed,” I said, “Doing my Civil Engineering in Hyderabad.”

A beautiful friendship blossomed between us. My mind kept ordering me that I shouldn’t lose this girl in my lifetime. That thought was unceasing.

They say that over time friendship will mature into love. It did for us. There is love in every friendship and similarly there is friendship in every love.

And we both realized that there is love in our friendship. I thought, let Priya propose first, while she thought let me do the honors first. But I was ready to test Priya’s patience. So, I told myself not to blurt out my love to her first.

I wanted to hear those words from her mouth, “I love you and I can’t live without you.”

That would be an awesome feeling, that none should miss in one’s life. That joy would be something even better than us proposing. Even she decided to wait.

In between, we had mini squabbles and a few misunderstandings. But beyond that our love was beautifully carved. Those were some of the beautiful moments of my life, that I yearn and crave for, to happen to once again.

Love is nothing but a poem of life….

She chose a poetic date to tell her love too… Yes, February 14…

It was 7 o’ clock in the morning and she was the first one to call me that day.

“Shall we meet up today?” she asked me.

I was overjoyed. Indeed, this was the moment I was longing for.

“Where should I come?” I asked.

“4 in the evening at the Marina,” she answered.

One knows how crowded the Marina Beach would be on Valentine’s Day.

My angel was on the phone on Valentine’s Day requesting me to come over. How can such a sweet offer be denied?

So, I bought a ring for her, a doll and chocolates and was punctual.

At 4.30 exactly I got a call from Priya, “Hey, I know am actually late. But please don’t leave. I’ll come soon.”

“I’ll wait for you for a lifetime. Come soon,” I said hanging up.

I waited till 7.30 for her. But she never arrived. Fear reigned inside my heart and I tried contacting her. But it was switched off. I didn’t know what to do. My stay at the beach grew longer… 8.30 and then even to 9.30.

I was angry not because I had to wait from 4 p.m. but because she never came. In frustration, I threw my mobile and all the other gifts I had bought for her into the sea. Then, I left for home.

My mom was waiting at the doorstep anxiously.

“Where did you go? Why is your number unreachable?”

I didn’t respond.

“I got a phone call.”

“From whom?”

She conveyed a shocking message. I never expected such news from her. It was a call from my friend in Hyderabad that his dad had passed away.

“Your friends tried contacting you. Everyone was worried about your whereabouts. Leave soon,” she said worried.

I called my friends through the landline number and left for Hyderabad immediately. I was also worried what happened to Priya. I could learn nothing about her.

I had to stay in Hyderabad for over a week as my friend’s family was completely shattered by their loss and I was furious on Priya but never took any measure to speak to her. Why hadn’t she called me? She very well knew that I was waiting. Okay, there might have been an emergency situation, but still she could’ve simply pinged me at least.

I had my ego win forgiveness. Why should I contact her before she tries to speak to me? And one thing more, I had thrown away my mobile, so I had no sim card too and also, there were so many rules and regulations for obtaining a duplicate sim.

So for one week, I communicated only with my mother through the landline. The first thing I did upon reaching Chennai was to buy a new mobile and a duplicate sim.

Just after a few minutes I had inserted the sim card inside the mobile, I got a call from an unknown number. I attended and it was Priya’s mom on the other end. Tension arose.

“Syed, can you come home?” she asked.

“Ya, sure Aunty.”

“Actually we shifted our house. You wouldn’t have come to know about it. Just tell me where you’re right now. I’ll tell my driver to pick you up.”

Her driver arrived sooner and I was on my way to Priya’s house.

No sooner did I enter the house, than Priya’s father gave a tight slap on my cheeks. I understood nothing. Even then, my full anger was directed towards Priya alone.

“I’m aware that your parents now know that we both are lovers and your father is currently beating me. Are you hiding in the room? What do you think of yourself? Are you gonna come out or not Priya?” I yelled.

“How will she come?” her mother commented.

“What are you saying Aunty?” I asked confused.

“How will she come? She’s no more,” she said crying.

Shattered, I sat down right there dumbstruck and I blacked out…

As soon as I regained consciousness, I went inside every room, she was nowhere. A garland adorned her photo. She was wearing the same dress the first time I saw her in the mall.

I was brought to limelight later.

She had happily left on February 14, to meet me, but on the way she met with an accident and had died on the spot. But I !!! I, on the other side had been venting my anger by throwing my mobile into the sea!!! Her parents had come to know about me through her writings in her diary. She had written poems about me… And I knew I had to die the next moment.

So, I got addicted to alcohol. Through that I was dying slowly. But I was waiting for the same February 14 to come next year, so that I could leave this world on the same day Priya exited. I attempted suicide but friends joined forces and saved me.

And I’m still wondering why they saved me…

I need to die. What am I gonna do in the world that she is absent? This world without her is like a graveyard to me.

I’m still waiting for death to taste me…

But I wish to say one thing, DYING IS NOT THE SOLUTION to any problem. Only Syed’s presence in this world is a symbol of SYED-PRIYA love… If he enters the eternal space of time, then this world would forget that such a love even existed…



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