Caution: Small Words at work

I woke up at six o’ clock to a bright day. I blinked my eyes and yawned. I stretched my legs that felt numb from the long sleep.

“Kate,” my mom called me and I got up from the bed. I felt the warmth of the sun on my face as the light streaked through the gap of the door. The day was too good that to stay at home was a bad choice.

I brushed my teeth and drank cold milk. My friend, Joe phoned me and asked me to come out of my house. Beat, I stepped out of my home and stood on the porch, when I heard his voice call me, “Kate.”

I placed my feet with joy on the grass that had dew drops on it and trod with care and lithe steps.

“Come here,” I heard him call out. This time his voice did sound near. I crossed the grass patch and the sight I saw was a feast to my eyes. He had a huge board that faced him.

“This is for you,” he said and gave me a red rose.

“What is this for?” I asked.

He gave a short smile and showed the board that read, “I love you Kate.”

Caution: The story has monosyllabic words only. 🙂

I read a short prose called, ‘The case of short words’ by Richard Lederer. It is an abstract from ‘The miracle of language.’

He says that short words are more effective and often pack a powerful punch. He inspired me to write this no-stuff, just-a-randomly-thought script.

I took it as a challenge to pen down my thoughts in single syllables… But it ain’t that tough.. It helped me understand that simple short words help us deliver the right meaning directly than the long, complex ones.

You could relate these short words to your problems too. Our problems might seem complex, yet they will have simple solutions.

So, let’s learn to live a simple life 😉



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