Let’s live ‘REAL’

“Watch out!” a man cried at me.

“Whoa!” my heart skipped a beat,

When the man behind the wheel

Pressed the brakes of his car just in time.

I heaved a heavy sigh of relief,

God saved me I’d say.

He decided to lemme live my life

For another day – today.

I looked at my smartphone,

The reason behind my distraction.

If it hadn’t been for that old man,

I’d have been dead by now.

I threw my phone in the trash,

No Facebook, no whatsapp, no instagram.

Lemme connect with real people,

And share my moments with them.

So, put down your smartphones

And look up to the world…

Coz, it’s better to face directly,

And buy the lies of the people.

Than to chat with those

Who always type lies…



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