Two blind people…

This afternoon, I was travelling by train when I noticed a blind woman singing for alms. When she approached my seat my instinct persuaded me to check my pant pockets for change but unfortunately I felt nothing in my pocket.

So, I thought to myself, “Maybe God doesn’t want me to offer her anything.”

And, I ignored the woman, consoling myself, that I’d offer her alms some other time.

A few hours later, I felt damn tired. So, I approached a tea stall to buy myself a drink and quench my thirst and when I dug my hands deep into the same pocket, I recovered a whole ELEVEN RUPEES!!!

Then it hit me…

“God didn’t want me to ignore the blind lady. He wanted me to try harder to help her!!”


P.S. This story is outlined by my friend, his experience, when he commuted by train.



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