My first love

This is my first love poem and so I’ve named it my first love… 🙂

“My dream woke me up,

I stood up to find myself alone.

I had dreamt of you.

The memory so pacifying,

I held it until it slinked away.

But it had not rotten,

Nor I’d lose it beneath the darkness.

I remember that moment

When the world seemed so small.

The butterflies fluttered,

Crippling me into you!

You opened your heart unto me,

Pointed you loved my heart,

Than my beautiful face portrayed.

I then understood your tender love for me.

Oh! I wish I could revive that moment!

Again, I’d love to relive it!

Your lovely brown eyes

Nabbed and grabbed me!

I felt it as I was seeped away,

Into the hands that would comfort me.

Not a physical touch but a mental note,

As our souls clung together.

Enthralled I was,

When our gazes linked each other.

Oh! How mesmerizing it was!

That second you had won the battle,

I had fallen a prey to your love,

And you lost your love to me.

My heart raced past the time,

It skipped a beat a minute,

My pulses were running high,

As you promised to stay by me,

Till our love for the other ended,

And it wouldn’t, until our lives ended.

In the dream that I had dreamt,

I was falling deep into an ocean –

  • An ocean of your love deep with your love.

You were fighting with me,

For snatching away my heart from you.

Oh! How childish we looked lost in ‘OUR LOVE’.”



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