Sorry! I made a false judgement!

Thinking Again

Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?


Oh my! The question simply matches my situation!

Yeah, It’s about a person who made me smile,

Who made me feel like my presence was a celebration!

But making me feel elated was ‘that’ person’s style…


Yet, I thought ‘that’ person was just a passing cloud of mine,

Not closely associated to my heart,

And we were both doing fine,

But now, it’s difficult to get us apart.


A close friend of mine, ‘that’ person turned out to be,

Unlike the thought that I had of ‘nothing-of-that-sort’,

And that’s what I see,

And please don’t snort.


P.S. I made a false assumption that ‘that’ person was gonna be just like people I meet in my life everyday, but then the friendship bond grew stronger and we remain close till now, despite the silly fights we have everyday…






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