Solace of today’s tomorrow

Now? Later!

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?


“Whoa!” my friend Frank cried, “Rest you eyes a bit. You’ve strained it too long shifting constantly from your mobile and sketch.”

I gave a weak smile.

Yeah, I did strain not only my eyes but my hands too, drawing the intricate portrait of my favorite ‘Twilight’ werewolf – Taylor Lautner. I downloaded a picture of him in my cell, and was having it as my base to sketch my very own ‘fair draft.’

“But, it’s almost complete. Just a few strokes here and there, and it’ll be finished once and for all,” I argued.

He peered into my pencil sketch and gave an approving nod. “Nice way of evading chores,” he said, before he left.

That’s when I remembered all the assignments my college had burdened me with, alongside my Mom’s persistent order to make my bed, clean my room and dust off the dirt on the carpet.

But all that can wait! They can’t hinder me, not when I have firmly decided to not stress my mind and lavishly expend the evening. But, neither watching TV nor crooning to my favorite songs from my MP3 player is gonna stop my Mom’s relentless blather. But she was one who encouraged art, every form of art.

So, my ideal choice was to indulge myself in the habit that never tires me any-day, anytime – drawing (especially portraits).

In between a thought intruded…

“Wendy (that’s my sister) had asked me to recharge her mobile and I haven’t still.”

Of course, that can queue up like the other ‘undone’ things…

Frank emerged again, “Are you done yet?”

I mastered my final touches and showcased my portrait.

His eyes twinkled, “Now, that’s my sweet friend. Come, let’s go. You had promised to help me with my project.”

But……. as usual, that can wait too…

“Oh, I’m not done yet,” I said, bending down back to my portrait.

“I thought you said just a while ago that only a few strokes were needed,” he indicated

“Yes, but there’s something wrongly sketched,” I lied, “That’s unsatisfactory. So, um, I guess it’ll take another half hour or so to figure it out and then erase and redraw. By then, it’ll be dinner time. So, how about if I can assist you in your project tomorrow?”

He flinched. “Fine, Ms. Procrastinator. I know you love the word ‘TOMORROW‘.”

Yeah, I do. What’s better than finding solace in today’s thought of a tomorrow?





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